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Nursery - IX
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Write Ups - Short Stories

A Night in a Jungle

On 25 th December, we started for simlipal forest with our friends. We were eight persons in the group. All of a sudden we decided to go. We didn't have any prior booking in the forest. We reached Joshipur forest office and we found there was no rest house for us to stay. We became very upset. Suddenly we got in touch with another group who booked there tourist cottage for their nineteen members. But only ten of them had come. They invited us to go with them.

All of us once again became joyful. We booked one jeep. In the jungle there was no rest want, no shop and solve had to take every food stuff with us. It was a dense forest in the mountain. It had a beautiful panoramic view – Gradually it was dusk and suddenly we sound that the total beauty of the jungle had changed with the sunset. Pitch darkness surrounded us. We were heading towards the rest house. One of us dared to go outside the rest house. One of us dared to go outside the rest house. There was roaring bound of tigers suddenly we found there was no drinking water and we had to collect water from a well. We started pushing each other. As soon as we decided to go we started with a bucket and torch.

My two friends and I walked fast and all of a sudden we heard a shrill voice – ‘save me ………….. save me'. It was one of our friends for the moment we became helpless and we had a chilling experience on our spine. We turned back and saw that the fellow was stepping on a chicken and the chicken could not bear the weight of that fat boy. The chicken started to make noise which made him think a tiger had attacked him we all laughed and filled our bottles from a nearby well returned to our rest house.

Jyotirmoy Chakrovorthy IV B

An Incident With The Curly Man

This is a story of a curly man. He lived in a village with other curly men. One day he went out of the village in search of food because there was scarcity of food in the village. He was passing through the jungle when a tiger pounced in front of him. The tiger licked its paws and He asked for mercy but the tiger didn't listen to him. Then the curly man started running for his life. He was running towards a cliff. He didn't notice and fell from the cliff into a river. In this river there were many sharks. However, when he fell the sharks were asleep. This river took him to a faraway village in which the wizard and witches lived. He was very scared but also not so coward to return. Suddenly a witch spotted him. He started running as fast as he could.

The witch cursed him that he would never walk properly. Then he asked for mercy. After sometime, the witch was pleased with him and told him the way to cure himself by getting her a rare spider web, some frog eyes, some hairs of tiger and a poisonous plant. She also told where he could find it. The rare spider web was in the mountain, frog eyes in a pond, tiger's hair in the woods and the poisonous flower was in a land named ‘ Land Of Poison '. First he went in a search for a rare spider web in a mountain when he was traveling. He saw an eagle swooping towards him. He ran for his life. Suddenly he got stuck in a very big web of spider. He realized that he had got stuck in the rare spider's web. He took a little bit of it. Suddenly, the spider came. It was rarely fifty feet. He tried to come out but was not able to. Then the witch sent him a magical sword. He cut through the web then he started his journey towards the pond and got the frog eyes. Then he went to the woods for a tigers hair. There was a dangerous tiger over there.

However, when it was asleep he took the hair then he went to the poisonous land. Poison covered the whole place. But he had a mask given by the witch. So he plucked the poisonous plant. Then he hurried back to the witch. He gave the items and the witch gave him potion to drink. After, drinking it was cured and was very happy. He thanked the witch and returned to his village.

Siddhant Gupta VI B

The Biggest Surprise

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Lila with her family in a town. One day she was thinking that it was her birthday the next day and she was very happy and excited about it. The next day she work up, ran to her parents and asked happily “Can you tell me what day it is?”. Her mother answered with a blank face ‘29 th November, Lila'. Lila thought that her parents had forgotten her birthday and was very sad. She went to school and thought that her best friend Nupur would surely remember her birthday.

She went to the class room and asked Nupur “What is the day today Nupur?” Nupur repeated the same thing that Lila's mother had said later when she went home she saw a paper passed on the door. ”It read Lila, we are going to watch a movie and we can be late, so take the keys and stay at home”. Then, when she opened the door and saw the house was totally dark. She switched on the lights. Very one shouted ‘SURPRISE' and Lila was very happy and she had a beautiful cake and got gifts. She said “This is the best birthday I ever had” .

Eragya Ganguli V A


Exam Fear

As my exams draw near,
I tremble with fear,
I play the whole year long
As if life was a song
But when my exams come
My nerves becomes numb
Listen to me dear
“If you study throughout the year
You will never have this fear”
Mom keeps telling me…
If only I had paid heed that time

Shreyan Ray VII-A

My Bottle

I have a little bottle,
Its name is little goggle.

It's colour is pink,
And I sometimes keep it in the sink.

It always keeps the water cool,
And it goes with me to school.

It's neither too big nor too small
And it looks like a beautiful doll.

Shreyashree Dey IV C


Smile in pleasure,
Smile in pain,
Smile when in trouble,
Pour like rain,
Smile when someone
Hurts yours feelings.
Cause you know that
Smile is very HEALING.

Smriti Pansari V B

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